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Fundraising FAQ

In layman's terms, how does your Fundraising program work?

  • After you sign up you will be assigned your own unique web address for our site. For instance, it might read When your supporters use this address and buy through it, you will be able to see your sales results 24/7 making it really easy to see which members are creating the most sales.
  • To quickly get your program started, you would send me the email addresses for each member of your group. I will send each member a set of easy instructions along with a short professionally worded letter. After reading the instructions, they would then forward the letter to their friends/family via Facebook or other social media platforms.
  • When the supporters go to our special web address and make purchases, we ship directly to them via UPS.
  • All transactions are done online and are completely transparent on your dashboard. Our system eliminates the concern about money management and security, as students and parents no longer have to keep track of loose checks and cash.

Do we have to be a non-profit or tax-exempt to participate?

No, your organization does not have to be an official 501(c)(3) to participate. We are open to helping all groups who want to improve their communities. Groups which are not tax exempt are responsible for taxes and should contact their accountant before conducting their program.

How Much Does Our Group Make?

Groups earn 30% of sales, not including shipping.The real question to ask is this: What will be the actual profit per sale. 95% of our customers spend an average of $45.00 per transaction which = $15 profit per sale for your group. For most fundraising programs, even those that pay 50%, the average sale = $20 which means that (even at 50%) you only make $10 per sale. Plus, with normal brochure based fundraising sales, you have all the other hassles to deal with - door to door selling, meeting the truck, distribution, cash management.

How Soon Do Orders Ship After Orders Are Placed?

Normally, orders ship the same day and no more than 48 hours after receiving the order. All customers receive a confirmation email with tracking numbers so they can monitor the delivery across all 48 states. We do not ship orders for fundraising programs to Hawaii or Alaska.

Do You Offer a Prize Program?

We believe this is best left up to the group, in that each group has different goals. Throwing a pizza party or awarding your top sellers are just two of many ideas, but you know your group much better than we do. We suggest you ask your group members what they would like as an incentive idea and build in that cost to the amount of profit you wish to make from your program.

Who Pays for Shipping?

We ship using UPS. Your supporters pay for shipping in the same way as our other customers who buy from our site. Keep in mind that shipping is free with a purchase of $75.00 or more. In the letter each potential supporter receives, it will make a point of mentioning this benefit as well as the fact that our hand crafted foods make great gifts for THEIR family and friends. Ideally, we expect a good portion of all sales will be over $75.00 - where they not only buy for themselves but (to get to the free shipping level) they get some for friends/family too.

What Form of Payment Do You Accept Online?

We accept all major credit/debit cards and PayPal.

How Many Weeks Should We Run Our Fundraising Program?

We find That if you give both your members and their supporters a deadline that is within site, they will act accordingly. Generally 2 - 3 weeks is best. During that length of time we will supply each member of your group with additional reminder emails during the program and one final email a day before the deadline day.

When Do We Get Paid?

3 - 7 Days after the close of your program. This allows for any last minute orders from folks who might have been out of town.

How Soon Can We Start Our Program?

Right Away! After you submit the completed form. we will call you to review the program, answer all your questions, and setup your campaign right away. Then you can create your first fundraising campaign, invite sellers, promote it on your social media sites, and start earning money!

Can I Conduct More Than One Program at The Same Time?

Yes, as long as each program contains a unique set of selling members. It's the same as having the neighbor lady next door getting bombarded with all the neighbors kids. The revenue pie is only so large. Having a unique set of sellers guarantees that the supporters will also be unique, giving you the best chance for meeting your sales and profit objectives.